Will there be hands-on learning?

Yes, there will be some opportunities for each person to assemble and/or prepare in each session. 

Do I need to purchase any supplies before class?

We will provide the food and supplies for classes. If need be, we will inform you of the required supplies for class once you register.

Who can host a class?

Anyone can host a class if you can gather a group of interested girls within an age range. The only requirement is a kitchen with working space and room to show the demonstrations and do hands on activities. The host receives a discount! Please contact for more information.

When is the deadline to register and is there a maximum number of registrations allowed per session?

It depends on the class. For extended classes, the deadline is 4 days before the date. Otherwise it is 48 hrs before class. Summer Camp programs have different policy.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Generally, 10% of the payment is not refundable or transferrable at any time.  If less than 48 hrs from class start time, 50% refund is given. Please text 847.507.7074 for any changes or cancellations. If you miss a class, you can attend the same type of class offered based on availability. 

Summer Camp programs have different policy. Unless it is a medical reason, 10% of the payment is not refundable or transferable at any time. If you cancel with more than 30 days till the session start date, then you will given 50% refund which is not transferrable. 

What about food allergies?

We will be using dairy and nut products for some recipes. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform as soon as possible about any allergies. 

What are the timings and location?

Timings and locations vary

Additional queries can be directed to